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Category: Recently Sold

Sold! Neighborhood Bar

Anthony John Rigney PA recently brokered the sale of a Neighborhood Bar in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. The sale was closed in 42 days. Buyer plans to reopen the bar with a different theme. If you wish to buy or sell a bar in Florida please contact Anthony at 904-662-4458.

Sold! Duval County 4COP Liquor License

Anthony John Rigney PA recently negotiated the sale of a Duval County 4COP Liquor License. This sale was closed in 42 days. Buyer plans on using the license to open a new Liquor Store in the Arlington area of Jacksonville. If you are interested in buying or selling a Florida Liquor License please contact Anthony today at 904-662-4458.

Sold! Transportation Business

Anthony John Rigney PA announces the sale of a group transportation business in Jacksonville, Florida. The owners of this successful 20 year old operation are retiring and passing on the torch to a new generation of owners.If you are considering selling your business, contact Anthony today.Permalink

Sold! Tilted Kilt Restaurant in Jacksonville Florida

Anthony John Rigney PA has brokered the sale of the Tilted Kilt Franchise Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. The National Franchise chain store is located in the Tinseltown complex on Jacksonville’s Southside. The property was on the market for less than two months when it went under contract. Tilted Kilt is a successful franchise Pub Eatery serving Scottish, Irish, English and American food.Permalink

Frozen Yogurt Store

Anthony John Rigney PA announces the sale of a Frozen Yogurt Store in the Jacksonville neighborhood of Riverside. This deal closed in just 41 days. Buyer and seller have requested that the price remain confidential. If you would like to buy or sell a business please call Anthony today at 904-725-7677.

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